Since 2008 EAM has worked with the West Coast commercial fishing industry on various projects and studies.  From this work and involvement EAM recognizes and understands there is wide-spread growing interest in improving our fisheries to benefit ocean health, fishing communities and industry economics.  Since it's conception, EAM has assisted non-governmental organizations, public agencies, fishermen and community groups to carry out a variety of projects that require considerable knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of commercial fishery management.


  • Commercial Fisheries Economic Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting
  • Commercial Fisheries Catch/Landing Data Collection and Analysis
  • ITQ/IFQ Asset Management (QS/QP Portfolio Management) 
  • Limited Entry Permit Management
  • Fisheries Grant Proposals, Support and Reporting
  • Commercial Fisheries Special Projects Management 
  • Exempted Fishing Permit Assistance and Management 
  • Commercial Fishing Business/Quota Portfolio Assessment 
  • Multidisciplinary Team Coordination, Technical Reporting and Project Management