With more than 14 years of biological experience, EAM staff has assisted a wide range of federal and state public agencies and private landowners with biological resources management.  From this experience, EAM brings forward the ability to balance the complexities inherent in each project to ensure all project goals are realized while maintaining a responsible stewardship of biological resources.  


  • Biological Resources and Constraints Analyses 
  • Special Status Species Protocol Surveys 
  • Botanical Resources Surveys and Habitat Restoration Plans 
  • Environmental Compliance and Construction Monitoring 
  • Mitigation and Success Criteria Monitoring 
  • Wildlife Depredation and Invasive Species Control 
  • Nesting Raptor/Bird Surveys and Nest Monitoring 
  • Wetland Boundary Determination, Formal Wetland Delineations and Agency Permitting
  • Avoidance and Protection Measure Implementation for Special Status Species and Sensitive Habitat
  • Section 7 Consultations and Biological Opinion Compliance 
  • Habitat Conservation Plan Preparation and Implementation 
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Preparation (SWPPP) and Compliance Monitoring